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French Bulldog Puppies in DALLAS, Texas

The city of Dallas is the third largest city in the great state of Texas. Dallas is home to America’s team the Dallas Cowboys and only three hour drive from the Best Frenchies in the World.

Our Process in DALLAS, Texas

micro mini miniature french bulldog_edit

If you are a Dallas resident in search for the perfect French Bulldog, you are closer to happiness than you think. Once, you’ve completed your initial deposit to reserve your French Bulldog puppy.

Next, your new French Bulldog puppy will make its final visit to our veterinarian for a health certificate. Once the health certificate is completed, we will coordinate delivery. Your delivery options are to fly yourself on a short plane ride to any Houston airport to pick up your Frenchie saving you $300 or gas up the car and take the 3-hour drive to Houston for the same savings. If you are busy with work or family life, the last option is to utilize one of our flight nannies. The flight nanny fee is $1000. Our nanny will hand-deliver your French Bulldog puppy at baggage claim in Dallas. The puppy will be in the cabin and under supervision the entire travel time.

Delivery date with flight nanny is usually 7-10 days after the initial deposit of your French Bulldog puppy. Upon delivery, we will provide a hard copy of the health certificate, vaccination records, and a small amount of dog food. We look forward to servicing Dallas residents and contribute the best French Bulldogs in your city!

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