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Do Miniature or Micro French Bulldogs Exist?

Updated: May 9

Do Miniature or Micro French Bulldogs Exist?

The answer is YES! We are the first to officially register a Miniature French Bulldog with a canine registry. Our bloodline has been refined over the last 20 years with over 8 generations of healthy and small French Bulldogs. We are very proud to announce that we've chosen a breed specific registry to represent us after being recruited by the AKC, UKC and many other world registries. We feel that Americas' Kennel Company was the best fit for our World Famous Miniature French Bulldogs or should we say Micro Frenchies! We are working with Americas' Kennel Company to finalize the breed standard for both "French Bulldog" and "Miniature French Bulldog". Please stay tuned for more exciting news!

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