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French Bulldog Q&A

Updated: May 12

Common Questions about French Bulldogs

french bulldog

Being a frenchie expert I have probably gotten asked every question possible that would go along with the French Bulldog. I wanted to go over some common questions I’m asked from first time owners to Frenchie “ Lifers” as I like to call families who get a frenchie and just keep adding more. I have a ton of people send in emails regarding a lot that were going to talk about in this blog. Be sure to check out our Blog page which goes into further detail on any subject involving your frenchie. I’ll link it for you here.

Do French Bulldogs Shed

The coats on Frenchies are fine, shiny, smooth and short. These are all traits that would suggest that they don’t shed very much.

Just like other breeds of similar dogs, French Bulldogs shed their hair quite regularly. The reason that pets shed is to rid their coats of damaged, old and extra hair. Or in some cases, they shed to cool down for the summer months and warm up in the winter so…Yes!

They have short hair which is very easy to groom, and a simple bath with a gentle shampoo once to twice a month is all that is needed. Another great thing is they are not a breed that keeps smell on them like bigger dogs with heavier fur. Typically shedding is very minimal. However, when the seasons change, they will shed their coat and you will notice more hair than usual. After a few weeks the amount of shedding will go back to normal. If your French Bulldog is shedding profound amounts of hair, even to the point of bald spots, please have you vet evaluate for possible parasite (mites, fleas, ticks, lice) or skin infection (fungus or bacteria). Pregnant and lactating females will also shed enormously, however their coat will return to normal within a month of weaning. Any other immune stressor or disease can also affect the coat including allergy and food intolerances. If your frenchie has dull or dry hair you can try adding a high-quality human-grade fish oil to their diet to improve the luster of their fur and even reduce shedding. Make sure your using proper Shampoo on your frenchie. My favorite brand Healthy Treatz has been a life saver with their products. I’ll like below as well. The 5 in 1 Shampoo designed for Frenchies and keeps your pup smelling their best.. also ITS ON AMAZON…. The best!

How much should a French Bulldog Cost?

Now this is a-whole other ball game… since their are SO many different variations of colors and quality of a French Bulldog it’s hard to put a single number out there. Especially with all the breeders out there I’m sure if your looking for a French Bulldog you know by now they do not come cheap or do you want one that is health prone to issues due to improper breeding. Nothing against mixed breeds. We have love for all dogs but being a frenchie owner comes with knowing you must take care of your fur baby whatever happens. Make sure you are in a place that you can afford the breed before buying. A range that is familiar with me and from reputable breeders would be $3000 and up. Again there are rescues and many other way to be able to afford one than buying directly from a breeder but just make sure looking into anything from food to vet bills you will be able to care if anything were to come up. I have attached a amazing Rescue doing HUGE things for the Frenchie community. DONATE DONATE DONATE if you can it does go to the best causes and helps so many French Bulldogs in need.

Can French Bulldogs Swim

Short answer, no.

French Bulldogs are built like little tanks. They are extremely heavy and tend to sink right to the bottom immediately. Very few French Bulldogs can actually swim, however if you are planning a vacation by the pool with your furbaby, you can order them a life jacket made just for Frenchies…just remember, if you are near a body of water, always have your pup under supervision and never leave your dog unattended near a body of water.

Can I travel with my French Bulldog?

In my experience, the best airline for traveling with your Frenchies within the USA is Southwest Airlines. Other airlines have a 20lb weight limit or don’t allow dog period. Frenchies cannot fly cargo like other breeds due to their short noses and difficulty breathing. ***THIS IS SO IMPORTANT*** They must be accompanied with a human in cabin. This means your French Bulldog must fit comfortably inside of a carrier under the seat in front of you. I recommend not feeding your puppy 9-12 hours before flight just to be on the safe side. One last important piece of information is that you need to purchase a flight ticket for your pet at the same time as purchasing your own ($95 each way)to be exact with Southwest.

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