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Miniature French Bulldog Seasonal Allergies

Updated: May 10

Miniature Frenchie Seasonal Allergies Spring is right around the corner! In this blog we discuss allergies common with the season changing and bringing in lots of those allergy troubles for our Miniature French Bulldogs.

Environmental Allergies In addition to food allergies, Miniature Frenchies and other canines can be allergic to environmental factors as well. Environmental allergies react pretty much like food allergens. A Frenchie’s antibodies can become hypersensitive when your Frenchie comes into contact with the allergen that doesn’t mix with their makeup. When this happens, the oversensitive antibodies release an excessive amount of histamine resulting in an allergic reaction.

The environmental agents below are known to cause allergic reactions:

  • Dust mites

  • Animal dander

  • Airborne pollen

  • Mold spores

Environmental Allergy Symptoms Miniature French Bulldogs usually develop hereditary chronic environmental allergies between the ages of three and six. Like humans, these environmental allergies present themselves as atopic dermatitis causing the skin to be hypersensitive to allergens that manifest themselves as hay fever, asthma, or irritated scabbed skin, and rashes. Environmental allergies are permanent and have no cure. However, they can be controlled with medication. When Miniature Frenchies suffer from an environmental allergy, they will scratch, rub, and lick their effected areas excessively. The most inflamed parts of the body that dogs will chew, lick or scratch are:

  • Groin area or stomach

  • Toes and feet

  • Ears

  • Eyes, nose or face

You should be particularly careful if your Frenchie’s face is irritated, because their skinfolds can mask painful allergies or rashes! Environmental Allergy Treatments In order to treat environmental allergies, the vet will usually prescribe corticosteroids and antihistamines to prevent your Frenchie from scratching. Depending on the severity of the allergic reaction, the strength of the medication will be determined by your dog’s vet. In addition, topical ointments prescribed, or over-the-counter, will help heal the scabs or open wounds on your dog’s skin and reduce their irritation. These can be a bit tricky if your dog loves to lick, so make sure you apply the treatments at a time when your Frenchie is sleepy or you can distract them for 15-20 minutes.

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