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Pet Insurance for Frenchies, is it worth it?

Updated: May 9

Pet Insurance for Micro Frenchies: Is It Worth It?

Millions each year make the decision to bring a pet into their home. For dog owners, several breeds exist, from mixes to purebreds. Miniature French Bulldogs are one of the most popular of the smaller breeds that dog owners seek out. While French Bulldogs are known for their fun personalities and relatively easy care, there can be added costs to care for one appropriately.

Fortunately, pet insurance for French Bulldogs can be a lifesaver in keeping out-of-pocket costs down for dog owners. Paying a small premium each month can help pet owners eliminate thousands of dollars of veterinary care they had not planned for, and ensure their pet gets the care they need when necessary. Here are some things to consider when it comes to pet insurance for French Bulldogs.

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What Is and Isn’t Covered:

Each pet insurance company varies slightly in what they will and will not cover, but most dog owners can expect that accidents, illnesses, and some injuries will be covered up to the limits of their policies. Pet insurance often works as a reimbursement plan, meaning dog owners pay the vet bill up front, and then they submit for reimbursement after the fact. Pet insurers may offer coverage up to 100 percent of included costs for vet care, while others cover a smaller percentage.

In most cases, pet insurers will not cover pre-existing conditions for French Bulldogs or health issues they may be prone to in the future. Hereditary health issues, as well as some of the conditions listed above, may not qualify for reimbursement in any scenario. It is important for dog owners to understand these limitations for pet insurance on their French Bulldog before selecting a policy.


To know if pet insurance for French Bulldogs is worth it, pet owners must first know the cost of the insurance coverage for the breed. The cost of pet insurance depends on the age of the dog, as well as any conditions the dog may have experienced in the recent past. Below are a few examples of pet insurance costs for French Bulldogs with no known medical issues.

  • 8 weeks old – $59.31 per month

  • -years old – $82.57 per month

  • 10-years old – $146.55 per month

The best way to find the right pet insurance for your Miniature French Bulldog or French Bulldog is to shop around with the best pet insurance companies. Each insurer provides a quote tool either online, via a phone call, or through email, making it easy to know what the total cost will be each month for coverage.

Additionally, pet owners need to review the amount of reimbursement available, the restrictions for health conditions covered and not covered, and any annual limits or deductibles included in the policy.

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