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If you live in Houston TX, I know you are feeling these pollen and high allergies in the air. You could be in Katy, River Oaks, Garden Oaks, Cypress, Pearland, or ANY surrounding area. French Bulldogs can become very allergic to many things. The weather and change of season with the heat and humidity definitely plays a factor in this. Make sure you are keeping a close eye on your frenchies especially out at the parks and dog friendly establishments that Houston has to offer.

Causes of Allergies For French Bulldogs

Atopy is one of the main causes of french bulldog allergies. Atopy means that your french bulldog has an allergy to pollen, dust mites, and certain types of mold. The symptoms for atopy are similar to other common french bulldog skin conditions such as dermatitis or pyoderma which can make it difficult to diagnose what is causing their allergies if they have multiple issues going on. Some ways that a dog will display signs from having contact with allergens include:

  • Licking paws frequently

  • Rubbing face along carpet

  • Scratching behind ears

  • Excessive scratching all over body

  • Head shaking

Other common allergies beleive it or not come from what you ared feeding your french bulldog. Chicken based foods are the cause for alot of this breed to have uncomfortable symptoms.

This means they are eating food that doesn’t react well with their body. Some signs that your french bulldog is having an intolerance to food include:

  • Chronic upset stomach

  • Diarrhea or vomiting

  • Itchy skin with hair loss around tail area, neck and face

  • Paw licking similar to atopy

Many commercial dog foods use low quality ingredients and chemicals that can cause allergies for your dog and can also cause other digestive and joint issues down the road. It is important to only feed your dog the highest quality ingredients and supplements to help them live happier and healthier lives. Always consult your vet if problems continue to cause symptoms.

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