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What to know about Miniature Merle French Bulldogs

Updated: May 9

While common Frenchies have a solid color coat, a Miniature Merle French Bulldog’s coat has a base color with patches of irregular or regular stripes and spots that can be several different colors. These special patterns are what make the Merle Frenchie easily identifiable and highly sought after.

French Bulldogs are bred with dogs that have the merle gene to create a Merle French Bulldog. After this, two merle French Bulldogs can be bred to create more only to a non-merle dog. This is the most reputable way to breed Merle French Bulldogs. Even with good breeding practices, the American Kennel Club AKC, does not recognize the Merle French Bulldog as a standard breed color at this time. Therefore, we have partnered with the EBKC a breed specific registry that identifies the Miniature Merle French Bulldog.

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Though like all breeds, you have your goods and your bads. The Merle French Bulldog has many more pluses! Super attractive and display a stature unlike any other color French Bulldog. It's like valeting a Rolls Royce at the hottest restaurant in town! So please text 832-836-0380 if you're interested in adding a Merle French Bulldog to your family. You won't regret it!

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